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LN2 Hellas is a digital telecommunication and engineering development company located in Athens, Greece. It focuses on FPGA/ASIC and SoC IP designs for state-of-the art communications, broadcast, signal processing, and magneto-optical recording and storage systems.

We seek to be disruptive innovators, creating designs that transform industries through improved connectivity.

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LN2 Hellas’ engineering team includes senior hardware and algorithm designers with PhD degrees and extensive industrial experience in VLSI design for communications applications.


Dr. Emmanuel (Manolis) Frantzeskakis

Vice President (VP) of Engineering and Managing Director of LN2 Hellas

Dr. Emmanuel (Manolis) Frantzeskakis has over two decades of experience in communications semiconductor product development and successful engineering team development. Dr. Frantzeskakis holds M.S and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Maryland. Dr. Frantzeskakis worked for Intracom SA, where he built the company’s DSP group and proved instrumental in the migration of the company’s wireless product line to integrated digital technology. He then moved to Athena Semiconductors SA, where he coordinated the development of a MIMO 802.11n system. Dr. Frantzeskakis founded Hermes Technologies SA, which was the first company that successfully exploited multi-antenna techniques for WLAN. Most recently, Dr. Frantzeskakis worked for Broadcom Semiconductors as a Senior Principal Scientist, participating in the development of numerous IC products that have found their way to the world market. Additionally, Dr. Frantzeskakis holds eleven patents and he has published more than twenty papers in refereed journals and conferences.

Our engineering team also includes junior, rising star hardware designers with experience in VLSI design for forward error correction and complex, interconnected multiprocessor systems.

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